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Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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This Customer develops and manufactures market unique ingredients for cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and industrial products. In 2020, they opened a Manufacturing site to enhance proximity to North American customers. The plant specializes in producing ingredients for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

The Manufacturing division needed packaging sourced in North America due to ongoing logistical challenges resulting from their current package being manufactured overseas. Their current supplier did not offer any solutions, so M&M Industries stepped in.

M&M Industries engineers worked closely with the Customer’s Team to develop a new package for one of the customer’s main cosmetic ingredients. The package specifications were challenging as the current package being used was blow molded versus injection molded. The M&M Team rose to the challenge and designed an injection molded pail with a cover and lever locking ring clamp with the ability to be a tamper evident package. 

The design properties of the pail were very specific due to the nature of the product going inside: pail needed to have the capability of rolling on its side to further mix ingredients, a lever locking style cover with a gasket was requested, all components needing to be color matched to existing product (pail is blue, cover is black, gasket is white).

Multiple design calls and visits were made to the Manufacturing site to ensure all design specifications were met. Several redesigns along with a trial using a 3d printed prototype were conducted prior to landing on the best pail and cover design.

Customer needed new packaging for mass merchant retail.  Specific packaging characteristics/needs include modular non-traditional packaging; eye catching graphics on packaging for brand differentiation; Child Resistant/Senior Friendly Packaging.

The M&M Industries Team worked with the customer’s packaging engineers to design packaging that met all of the customer’s needs.  The M&M Team also worked in tandem with the customer’s operations team to ensure product design fit all manufacturing equipment, as well as met all end user/consumer needs.


Developed a custom 7g Blue Pail with lever locking ring clamp and black cover. The handle width on the pail was designed to a comfortable and sufficient width per customer’s request. M&M also designed the new pail to meet UN Solid Certification requirements.

The specific UN requirements for this package were higher than any other package produced by M&M Industries at this time. The pail and cover will be produced in M&M Industries’ Lordstown, OH Manufacturing facility providing this key customer with a package made in North America resulting in cost savings.

Results: Package design approved, mold build complete, UN testing passed, and product is ready for commercialization.

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