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This customer is a market leader in the Garden and Pet industries; they bring innovative and trusted solutions to consumers and customers. Their portfolio includes more than 65 high-quality brands: making the finest grass seed, soil amendments, fertilizers, and wild bird seed on the market with their specifically formulated brands.

M&M was introduced to this customer through one of our distribution partners and was tasked with providing better, more innovative packaging than what was currently being used. The customer needed packaging for mass merchandisers that would stand out from the competition. After reviewing several of our pail lines, it was determined that the best package for retail would be our Super Kube 2 manufactured with clarified resin. The Super Kube 2, a modular pail, provides mass merchants with more shelf space for their products. 

The pack out on the shelf is less cluttered and is more appealing to consumers. Using clarified resin for the pail allows their customer to see their high-quality bird seed through the pail.

M&M also utilized In Mold Labeling for label printing on the pail. This high quality, state of the art print method covers all real estate on the pail on all four sides, top to bottom. Another key benefit of IML printing: if the pails are stocked front side forward or backside forward, the customer’s brand still stands out.

Transitioning from a bag to a pail was a key component for the large mass merchants. Why? With bags there is the potential for tears and rips to occur causing the bird seed to spill out. This leads to in-store messes and the potential for rodents in store.
Transitioning from a bag to a pail was also a key component for the end user – the consumer. Our Super Kube 2 has a fully hinged lid allowing the consumer to scoop the birdseed out of the pail with ease.


Turnkey packaging solution with premium In Mold Labeling provided to customer for large mass merchant distribution and sale.

Results: Large mass merchant approved pails for distribution and sale of this key customer’s products. Additionally, another subsidiary of this customer will be transitioning to the M&M K Style Pail line for their premium bird seed products.

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