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Water Intensive Industries

Super Kube 3. This modular pail is lightweight and includes a cover that is child resistant and senior friendly.


This Customer provides problem solving for water-intensive industries to include consumer, industrial, institutional, food and beverage, and pool and spa water markets.

Customer needed new packaging for mass merchant retail.  Specific packaging characteristics/needs include modular non-traditional packaging; eye catching graphics on packaging for brand differentiation; Child Resistant/Senior Friendly Packaging.

The M&M Industries Team worked with the customer’s packaging engineers to design packaging that met all of the customer’s needs.  The M&M Team also worked in tandem with the customer’s operations team to ensure product design fit all manufacturing equipment, as well as met all end user/consumer needs.


Developed new 1 Gallon Super Kube 3 Pail. The Super Kube 3 pail is a modular pail with a Polypropylene body and High-Density Polyethylene Cover.

The pail is lightweight, child resistant, senior friendly, cost effective and is printed with state of the art In Mold Labeling.

In Mold Labeling provides full real estate coverage on all sides of the pail from top to bottom. This allows the customer’s brand to be fully visible to the consumer when on the shelf in store.

Pail design approved, successful and has expanded to additional sizes for a full retail line. In addition, other customers have adopted this pail style, and it is now being used in mass merchants across the US

man explaining to a woman holding a pail

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