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Our desire is to allow each team member to grow not only professionally; by giving access to training, education, mentorships and support, but personally; by providing benefits, competitive pay and a safe and tobacco/drug-free working environment.
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M&M is committed to our workforce so that people have the right skills and a healthy environment and culture in which to thrive.

We offer a complete career path to our teammates as they begin their journey as an M&M employee with progressive pay for skills allowing financial advancement in each role as you continually develop skills to progress towards positions.

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At the Heart of Excellence: Explore our core values and unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, and innovation.

Alliances for life

Use each opportunity to earn profound trust.


Respectful collaboration: strengthening each other

Get in front of it

See it before it’s real.

Do the right thing

Model Christian values and principles in our work.

Deliberate urgency

Quick and flexible, delivering to the needs of others.