Stand Out on the Shelf with In-Mold Labeling (IML)

Stand Out on the Shelf with In-Mold Labeling (IML)


Your product’s packaging is one of the most powerful influencers on buyer behavior.

Modern psychology has proven most people make purchase decisions based on emotion. They buy a product off the shelf based upon how they feel about it, making a quick judgment in the moment—how people see a product is intertwined with how they think about it.

Packaging is critical to a product’s success on the shelf; the design increases a product’s perceived value and desirability.

Brands must pay attention to their product’s label design and overall appearance. Using in-mold labeling can help ensure customers remember your brand and perceive it as high quality. In-mold labeling (or IML) is the process of fusing labels to molded parts or products. This product labeling process provides plastic containers with colorful and unique options better suited to stand out on the shelf.

In-mold labeling is able to cover a product with a full wrap-around label, a full layer of unique design and branding. The label is placed into an open mold and held down with the help of compressed air, static electricity, a vacuum, or a clamp. Next, the resin becomes molten, injected into the mold, and then cooled. After cooling, the injected material binds with the label and forms a single, fused product.

Benefits of In-Mold Labeling

One-Hundred Percent Label Coverage

Pressure-sensitive or adhesive labels aren’t as effective and have difficulty staying in place when applied to plastic bottles, jugs, or pails with curves and ridges. Stick-on labels can’t conform correctly to these molded, curved surfaces.

IML enables you to cover every curve on a product.  In-mold labels offer consistent, seamless product coverage, fusing neatly to the entire surface and improving the overall aesthetic appearance of your finished products.

This improvement in appearance on the shelf enhances brand perception and value. Because of the full wrap-around label, your brand has more real estate to capture a buyer’s attention, more room to communicate information about your product, and a better chance to influence a buyer’s behavior.

Sustainable, Efficient, and Superb Quality

In-mold labeling is a higher quality, higher efficiency product labeling process that benefits from new rules and regulations regarding disposable plastics, making IML one of the best and most sustainable packaging solutions available today.

IML products are 100% recyclable because the label and packaging are made of the same material—making the recycling process easy and efficient. No labels have to be cut, peeled off, or removed from the product since the label fuses with the container, becoming one piece; the whole product can get tossed in the recycling bin by the consumer.

Compared to other labeling techniques, the process has a shorter production time, and its production cost is significantly lower as products can be molded and labeled simultaneously.

Product durability increases through in-mold labeling as the fused label acts as a reinforced layer of protection against normal wear and tear. Resistant to major changes in temperature and humidity and from fading in the sun, in-mold labeling also doesn’t wrinkle, is scratch resistant, and can’t crack. 

Injection molding is the most popular type of in-mold labeling, and the exclusive production method used by M&M Industries. This method typically involves heating plastic material and injecting it into a specially designed mold containing the label. The molded material then cools down and fuses with the label, becoming one piece. M&M has many systems to create IML decorated pails.


In-mold labeling can help you create more attractive packaging for your products. It allows you to create seamless full color artwork for your products and is very cost-effective. Use this packaging decoration technique to increase the appeal of your products, grow your customer base, and increase revenue!

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