The Advantages Of Custom Package Design with M&M Industries

The Advantages Of Custom Package Design with M&M Industries

The Advantages Of Custom Package Design with M&M Industries

Are you having a hard time getting your products to stand out on the shelf? 

The quality of your product’s packaging plays a very important role in generating sales. Whether you’re selling through e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, the design of your packaging influences the consumer’s perception of your product. Beyond buying quality stock packaging for your product, there’s one powerful way of standing out even more on the shelf and from your competitors: by creating your own unique product package!

  • Is your packaging not the optimal size for your product?
  • Is your packaging too light or too heavy for proper use?
  • Does your current packaging fail to open and close correctly?
  • Or maybe you need to create packaging from the ground up?

A custom designed package gives you more control over how you display your brand identity, get your target audience’s attention, protect your products, and much more. 

At M&M, every member of our team is here to serve you. We’re innovative and passionate about doing things differently to meet your needs as our customer. That’s why leaders in the pharmaceutical, food, safety supply, chemical, and household product industries and more have worked with us to develop custom solutions to their packaging problems. 

It takes collaboration to create an effective design that works great and looks great, too. Our in-house design team closely collaborates with customers – taking the time to ask the right questions and understand your priorities. Then we work together to create a custom packaging design that not only solves practical design dilemmas, but also helps you stand out from your competitors and grow your business.

Here’s an overview of the benefits custom package design through M&M Industries gives your business: 

Grabs Customers’ Attention

Creating a package that is unique to your product type is one of the easiest ways to capture your consumers’ attention and set your product apart from your competition. Placing your products into packaging that elevates, represents, and fits them effectively increases your product and business credibility in the marketplace.

Your product’s packaging is the first thing potential customers see. Using optimal package design is critical for leaving a lasting impression on customers, influencing their buying behavior, and increasing sales.

Builds Brand Awareness

One of the clearest benefits of custom package design is improved brand awareness. Because your product packaging is the most efficient way to advertise and build brand visibility, custom package design helps your products stand out, boosting your brand awareness with consumers.

Not only does your product package display helpful information about your products themselves, but you can also use it to show off more of your brand personality through unique shapes and custom colors.

When done right, custom packaging design helps your brand easily get two steps ahead of your competitors, helping you stay front of mind with consumers.

Merges Practicality and Functionality

Custom packaging that’s both functional and practical can help your product gain the traction it deserves. For instance, many of our Super Kube customers are using our pails for products that need to be poured, like kitty litter. In collaboration with our customers, we designed easy pour grips on the bottom of our pails to help improve the consumer experience when pouring. We’ve also developed hinged pail lids that are easy enough to open and close with one hand, making resealing the container easy while still latching securely.

Consumers are more likely to repurchase packaging with custom features like this, helping companies to drive more revenue. 

A More Sustainable Solution

Consumers are more environmentally conscious today than ever before. As a result, eco-friendly custom packaging is a powerful influence on your product’s success in the marketplace. A recent EPA study shows a 100% increase in packages being recycled compared to 20 years ago. While we still have room for improvement to help eco-friendly packaging become more affordable, we’re excited to be headed in the right direction. Eventually, eco-friendly containers will become one of the most cost-effective ways to package your items.

With the increase in environmentally conscious buyers, custom package design centered around sustainability is becoming more and more profitable for brands. According to Survey Monkey, one out of three customers considers purchasing eco-friendly products, with 35% willing to buy a more expensive product if it has a lower carbon footprint. 

At M&M Industries, we’re excited to be improving sustainability day-by-day; we are able to use post-consumer resin when producing pails and we’re also integrating regrind material into our production cycle, taking any misprinted or damage pails, grinding them up, and reusing the material in new pails. 


Working with us to design your own unique package is an easy way to provide your customers with a distinctive purchasing experience and a great step towards cornering your market. Personalizing the packaging your brand uses for your products will have a multi-faceted advantage measured through overall sales, customer engagement, and brand awareness. Let us help you solve your packaging problems!

At M&M we’ll help you develop a custom package design that aligns with your company’s goals! Please visit or call 1-800-331-5305 to learn more.



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