The M&M Industries Difference

The M&M Industries Difference


At M&M Industries our design is what sets us apart from the other pail manufacturers in the industry. We’re innovative and passionate about doing things differently to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. 

That’s why leaders in the pharmaceutical, food, safety supply, chemical, household product industries, and many more have worked with our team to develop custom solutions that solve their packaging problems. 

Full-Service Packaging Design Services

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

This quote embodies the importance of planning and preparation and aligns with our approach here at M&M Industries. 

When companies come to us looking for a packaging solution, we go to great lengths to develop a product that works great and looks great. 

This blend of form and function that we provide our clients is a testament to our in-house design team’s ability to collaborate with our customers. 

These positive results begin with asking the right questions that provide our team with the information they need to understand the priorities and overarching goals.

Then, once all of the information is collected, we work closely with our clients to create custom packaging designs that not only solve practical design dilemmas but also help our customers stand out from their competitors and grow their business.

The Importance of Innovative Pail Packaging

We believe wholeheartedly that your packaging is an extension of your sales team. 

Take a few minutes and think about the last package you used and the information on that package. 

  • Did it capture your attention?
  • Did it clearly articulate the company’s goal for the product?
  • Did it provide you with the information needed to properly use it?

Pail packaging is like a blank canvas that provides companies of all sizes and industries with an opportunity to share their message with current and prospective customers. 

From small packages to large plastic drums and round to rectangular pail designs, resealable containers to custom packaging solutions, our team is ready to help you create packaging that meets and exceeds your needs, tells your story, and is of the highest quality.

Benefits of Working with M&M Industries

For nearly 40 years and counting, our team has worked tirelessly to solidify our position as a leading US-based plastic pail manufacturer. 

Now, it’s one thing to tell you why we’re an industry-leading plastic pail manufacturer and it’s another to show you. 

Here are a few reasons why our history, experience, and quality commitment have molded us into the company we are today:

  • Our products are made in the United States of America. 
  • We hold over 20 patents in the United States as well as other countries for packaging design and development. 
  • We’re constantly innovating and developing new processes that improve our product offerings and benefit the environment. Our Regenesis process is a great example of this.
  • We have the capability to print up to 8-colors using offset printing. 
  • Full-color, heat transfer labeling is also available at select facilities.
  • We offer in-mold (IML) labeling to help companies stand out on the shelves.
  • We’re a manufacturer of containers for hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids.
  • The containers we manufacture can be used to hold anything from biohazard waste and  hazardous chemicals to solid waste and solid chemicals, and everything in between. Most containers are U.N. Certified and are made with FDA-grade materials.
  • We manufacture Screw Top Pails, Quarter Turn Lite Plastic Pails, Traditional Pails, Drums, and Square Pails. Select pails are Senior Friendly and Child Resistant.
  • Our pails are extremely strong and durable and will give the product inside a feel of quality and protection.
  • We employ individuals committed to excellence and quality. 
  • We believe in customer service and personal attention.

If you have a great idea, design problem, or a specific packaging need, M&M is your go-to resource.

Contact us at or call 1-800-331-5305 to learn more. 



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