Meet the Super Kube K3

Meet the Super Kube K3

If you’ve been using pails to package products for any length of time, then you’ve likely experienced or heard horror stories of faulty pails ruining products, causing severe injuries or worse. It’s essential that your company’s products be stored in a sturdy and reliable container.

The M&M Industries Super Kube K3 Series is injection molded with a reinforced rim, strong side walls, and rounded corners to ensure strength, durability, and rigidity. The K3 series is available in clear or a variety of colors. It’s perfect for storing various products including food, chemicals, and industrial materials.

Super Kube K3 Polypropylene Pail Features

An excellent short-term or long-term storage solution, these plastic pails are sturdy and protected from outside elements. They feature a tamper-proof cover, providing extra protection from outside influences. The tamper-evident cover also gives a clear indicator of whether or not the product has been opened during transit or storage. The K3’s child resistant, senior friendly cover is a custom design with a red thumb notch that helps seniors easily see where their thumb should rest to open the cover.

The Super Kube K3 Series design offers some additional features such as:

  • Easy-grip handle for easy carrying and handling.
  • Child-resistant cover snaps onto the top of the cover, ensuring proper closure without additional locking mechanisms (no handles); this cover is easy to use and highly user-friendly.
  • FDA-approved materials to ensure food-grade products are stored safely inside.
  • Most sizes are UN Certified for Solids Groups II and III.

Super Kube K3 Full-Color In-Mold Label

Pails are used in various industries ranging from food to chemicals. Many companies are now looking to Super Kube K3’s full-color, full coverage in-mold labeling capability as a solution for their branding and marketing needs. Some of the benefits of using this full-color, 100% coverage in-mold labeling include:

Product Name Placement

The full-color in-mold label allows you to place your product information on the full exterior surface of the pail without using a sticker. This gives your product a professional look and feel while giving more space for you to print product information with consumers.

Brand Recognition

The full-color, in-mold labeling system offers a high level of design flexibility for branding. The IML label on your Super Kube K3 polypropylene pail will help strengthen your company’s brand recognition among consumers. The plastic packaging is designed to catch people’s eyes in retail stores, and the attractive label will help them remember your product when they are ready to make their purchase. In addition, this type of packaging makes a great display piece during trade shows and other marketing events. 

If you’d like to learn more about IML, check out this quick overview on our blog.


All of our Super Kube pails are designed and manufactured to hold their shape for years to come. Because we use polypropylene you can use our pails in just about any setting; you don’t have to worry about corrosion and rusting typical with metal pails. 

These pails come in various sizes and shapes and are optimal for all your needs. To learn more about the difference Super Kube pails can make for your products, contact us at or 1-800-331-5305.



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